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When you need international transport, logistics, transportation services, Kemera NS is the right partner to rely upon. We have been with you since 2015 and have been nurturing a business ethic where Humanity and Trust is dominating as a cornerstone of long-term successful business. Behind us is the long-standing experience of the founders in transport and logistics. Forward, we are led by the connections of modern technologies through monitoring, digital data exchange and connectivity.



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Nina Kemera


transport i logistika


  • We can assist you in the planning, implementation, and control of logistics procedures required for the efficient transport of goods on international routes.
  • Transport is carried out by our own vehicles, or by finding and engaging another appropriate vehicle.


Branka Kemera


transport i logistika


International Transportation

Truck transport

We specialize in the organization of all types of road transport in Europe. Our service consists of finding for you suitable transportation vehicle which will fit quantity and size of the goods you want to transport. We take care of the logistic for the shipment until it’s arrival to desired destination. Call us and inquire, and we will do our best to help you and meet up with all your transportation needs.






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We may not be able to solve all of your problems, but for those who are in international transport, we are always there!


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